Monday, 12 October 2015

Let's Play: Constructor: Street Wars Part 8

Watch here.

In this part, I've finally built those things from last time, send over a generous bribe and to a favor for a favor.

And yet another thumbnail change. Although to be fair, the second one had quite a bit more empty space around it.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Let's Play: Doom 3: BFG Edition Part 9

Watch here.

In this part I actually post the video on the right day, more things explode and the skeletons come out to play.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Let's Play: Futurama: the Game Part 8

Watch here.

In this part, Bender begins his quest to get some porno mags... and to also save his friends or something.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Let's Play Mini: Pixel Galaxy

Watch here.

In this video we witness what happens if you attempt to combine a shmup with Katamari.

Let's Play: Constructor: Street Wars Part 6

Watch here.

In this part I show the world just how limp Lenny is.

Let's Play: Doom 3 Part 8

Watch here.

In this part, more spoopy stuff happens... probably, I send a transmission that some guy with a goatee doesn't want sent and some third thing.

Let's Play: BlastZone 2

Watch here.

In this video I try out a thing that the kids these days call a shmup.

Let's Play: Constructor: Street Wars Part 5

Watch here.

In this part, things get a little tricky.

Let's Play: Doom 3: BFG Edition Part 7

Watch here.

In this part I run around outside some more, find chainsaws that have made it to Mars due to the UAC being run by idiots and BERSERKER RAGE!!!

Let's Play Mini: Hotline Miami 2

Watch here.

In this video, I take a look at the second Hotline Miami, meet some of Jacket's fans and apparently a film is being made (in the game, not real life).

Let's Play: Constructor: Street Wars Part 4

Watch here.

In this part I return to Street Wars (also known as Mob Rule), whack a few dogs and show what happens to wise guys that build on my turf.

Also, yeah, that is indeed a new thumbnail. I guess I switched to this one as the Street Wars part was bigger and thus clearer when seen on YouTube. Also, you may have noticed I've started editing the video more. This is something I should have done from the start and I especially should have done this with my Constructor video from way back.

Why bring back Street Wars when I could have brought back Sam & Max or Black & White? Because this game probably doesn't have anywhere near as much coverage. Plus, Telltale have been claiming random parts of my Let's Plays of their games. Yeah, I also remember when they used to be cool.

Let's Play: Mass Effect 2 Part 36

Watch here.
Playlist here.

In this thrilling conclusion, Shepard and his team saves the surviving crew members, fights their way past all obstacles and put an end to the Reaper's plans... or do they?

And thus ends another long running Let’s Play! Well, I guess this is mostly due to the hiatus this one went on at some point. But still, can’t believe I started this back in 2013 only to finish it in 2015.

So yeah, I guess one of my biggest problems with this one was the way the controls worked. While the first one had everything set to it’s own button (one of the advantages of having a keyboard) this one felt like cramming as much as possible into an all-purpose interact button. This of course led to situations where Shepard would cling to a wall when I needed him to sprint or take forever to vault over a wall to continue. Other than that, the writing continues to be exilient and the change from recharging guns to thermal clips was definitely less frustrating to deal with. So, will I be starting Mass Effect 3? Well yes and no. I will start it, but not soon. For now, I’ve got a few other things that have been on hold for a while.