Friday, 24 December 2010

Let's Play: Garry's-Life 2

Well Half-Life 2 in Garry's Mod to be more accurate. This video is an experiment to see if I can pull of this sort of game as a "Let's Play" thing. Unfortunately the highest frame rate setting my screen recorder (Camtasia Studio) has is 30 so the video isn't going to look very good. But if this video turns out OK then I'll do the rest of Half-Life 2 in Garry's Mod just as soon as I get a better screen capturing program (a free one if possible).

Monday, 13 December 2010

List of Possible Next Games

Read the Possible Games page for a more up to date list.

Here is (as the title suggests) a list of games I could play next in my next "Let's Play" video. I will update this list if I have another game to add, if I get a good suggestion in the comments or if someone "votes" on one of the games on the list anyways here's the list:
Adiboo (I'm missing the second disc)
Constructor Street Wars (I do have the first one but it wouldn't work as a Let's Play)
Curse of Monkey Island
Day of the Tentacle
Day of the Tentacle
Doom II
Garry's-Life 2 (Half-Life 2 in Garry's Mod) - On Hold
Hover! (don't know why I still have it)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Jazz Jackrabbit 1 - Currently LPing
Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Jazz Jackrabbit 3D (this is an alpha)
Lego Island
Lego Island 2
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
More Spore
My Teacher's an Alien
Neighbors from Hell
Neighbors from Hell 2
Pokémon Play It! V.2 (CARD GAMES ON COMPUTERS!) - Failed
Sam & Max: Hit the Road
Secret of Monkey Island
Silver (if I can fix/work around problems)
Star Trek: Generations
Tales of Monkey Island
Troggle Trouble Maths
Ultimate Doom (1 vote)
Zaark: The Quest for Patterns
Zaark: The Search for Symbols
Or any other games I could get my hands on for free.

Hey a New Blog Thing

I'm now blogging stuff! That's right one viewer (who's probably just me) I'm now going to be able to say stuff about my videos like my Let's Plays and hopefully one day my reviews and cartoon (providing I make any progress towards the drawing stage). To see my Let's Plays go here and for the future home of the cartoon (it's called Team Hero at this point) go here oh and before I forget, I also have a account here.