Here is a place where I will put question you've asked me more than once in a vain attempt to make you stop. If I'm missing something then feel free to tell me on Twitter or my Facebook page. If you need to contact me, you can use my public email address: mr_nutt@derpymail.org

General Video Questions

Q: How do you make your videos?

A: Now that depends, for flash/2D old games I tend to use Camtasia Studio as it has a useful screen capture that records the system audio and my microphone at the same time while keeping the two on separate tracks for editing.

For newer games I use Fraps to record the game and then edit the footage in Sony Vegas Pro 11.

As for the console games, I use an Elgato Game Capture. While they do now have a 60fps and an actual internal card versions now, I won't be using them due to lack of backwards compatibility with things that don't use HDMI. I also have to use Audacity to record my commentary so I can edit the volume levels myself as different games have different volumes. I then use Camtasia to put the footage together with the commentary.

Q: Will You Facecam?

A: Short answer, no.

Long answer, I don't like the idea of Facecam as I feel when you watch a Let's Play video, the game is what you want to focus on and a Facecam is distracting. Plus I don't feel I could improve my videos in any way by showing my face as I stare at a screen.

Q: Who drew your avatar?

A: Clackspoon drew it for me a while ago. Like, so long ago I didn't have a beard. I should also mention that she didn't put the UK flag in the background, that was something I added as a joke because somehow people were confused as to which country I'm from.

Q: What games have you played?

A: I've got a section at the end of the list of possible games. For the Mo' Ponies games, I've got a separate list.

Q: What games won't you make videos of?

A: To make this simple, I'll make it a list
  • Games I really don't like (to the point where I'm having no fun at all)
  • Games I haven't finished (not 100%, just the main game itself)
  • Games I can't get
  • Games with content that can't go on YouTube
  • Games that heavily feature copyrighted content
  • Games I can't get to work
  • Games that my PC can't handle
  • Games by companies that take down Let's Play videos
  • Games in a language I don't understand
  • Games that require microtransactions

Q: Why isn't *game title here* in your possible games list?

A: Either it's due to one of the reasons above or it's because I'm more likely to do a one off video instead. Mind you, it could also be because I keep forgetting to update that page.

Q: What do the titles mean?

Let's Play: This is where I play through the whole game (side stuff isn't guaranteed). There are obvious exceptions when it turns out I can't bring myself to continue or something goes really wrong and I can't continue.

Let's Play Mini: This is a one off video.

Let's Play Minis: This is where I play a group of small games. Much like the Mo' Ponies series, these are typically Flash based games that you can play for free.

Let Us Play: This is where I play something with someone else. I no longer use this title as it seems kind of pointless.

Mr. Nutt Quest: I attempt a special challenge in a game.

Mr. Nutt Tries: This is where I try out a classic game that I never got the chance to play while growing up.

Let's Test: I play a game that is in either Alpha or Beta.

Mo' Ponies: This is a series where I play games based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Mr. Nutt Plays: This is a video that I've edited much more than normal. Typically, this will be 2 or 3 hours of footage cut down to something much more watchable.

Specific Game Questions

Q: How did you play Half-Life 2 in Garry's Mod?

A: If you have Half-Life 2 installed then you should have maps from that game available when you go to start a game. To start from the beginning, choose d1_trainstation_01.

Q: ____ has gone wrong with Garry's Mod, how can I fix it?

A: Due to the nature of Garry's Mod, I can't say I know how to fix your problem. Chances are an update broke something and that is not possible now until an update fixes it. Alternatively, you could check the Facepunch forums if you really need help.

Q: Will you actually sing that song for GTA IV?

A: For that to happen, this needs to happen first:
1: I learn to sing
B: Someone writes the full version
▲: I get a large group of people to sing the crowd part

So in reality, if I ever do get to that game, it probably won't have a big musical number at the start of the first part. I'm sorry, but I simply don't know the right people to actually make this possible. Plus this would be a really stupid idea.

Mo' Ponies Questions

Q: Where/How did you get those games?

A: I always have links to the games used in those videos in the description, please try to read it.

Q: What are the standards for Mo' Ponies?

Here's a list of stuff that I might add to later if I miss something:

  • Must be SFW
  • No visual novels
  • No date sims
  • Can't be too low quality (see No Ponies for examples)
  • No anti-pony games
  • Friendship is Magic must be the main theme of the game
  • No shipping
  • Unless if the game has changed since last time, no returning to games
  • Can be violent but not gorey
  • No grimdark
  • Must be available for Windows
  • Can't be too similar to an already played game
  • No copyrighted music (unless if I can simply edit/mute it out)
  • No more Nintendo games (I didn't grow up with these and with YouTube's new system these are more risky)
  • The infamous Luna games are off limits
  • If it's a game mod, it must do more then add a little MLP to the game. Also, it helps if I own the game as well.

Q: Will you make another No Ponies?

A: If I find more laughably crappy games to play, then I might consider it.

Q: What is the deal with Mo' Ponies Mini and Mo' Ponies Special?

A: A Mo' Ponies Special is my way of showing off a game that would need more attention than I can give it if it was part of a standard episode. It's also my way of doing a full Let's Play of a pony game while keeping the Mo' Ponies branding on it.

As for Mini, that's for very small gimmicky games. These usually only happen if I actually feel like making one as these games might just end up in a standard episode anyway if I don't.

Q: Are you still doing this series?

A: Unless if something really catches my eye that I've really got to play it, I guess the series is kind of over. I know, no grand final or anything, just over. Well, maybe a grand final if there's a few really good ones to end the series on.