Sunday, 15 September 2019

Let's Play: Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Part 3

Watch here.

In this part I go on a stealth mission... I'm sure the Quake III engine is perfect for those.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Let's Play: Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Part 2

Watch here.

In this part, we investigate an abandoned looking ship only to be attacked by Cliff Racers or something.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Let's Play: Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Part 1

Watch here.

In this video, I try playing Elite Force or the first time. Also, Ensign Munro makes his way through a Borg Cube the only way he knows how, by blowing everything up.

This was originally going to be a Mr. Nutt Tries video, but I now think I'll actually do a full Let's Play instead now.

Let's Play: Doom 2016 Part 5

Watch here.

In this part, I show that the hiatus hasn't dulled my skills one bit. I also screw up by accidently recording this one in 1080p. I mean, my PC handled it fine, but that file size though.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Lego Racers

You gotta love those 4:3 thumbnails
Watch here.

Here's a racing game I had a demo of once. Shame I still suck at racing games after all these years.

In other news, here's another crappy 3DMM video.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Ghost Johnson

Watch here.

Since I haven't uploaded anything new in a while, I decided to change this to a public video. It's just a dumb 3DMM video based off of one of the tracks from Vinesauce Joel's Super Ghostbusters album. I kind of was just bored one day and made this. Fun Fact™: Because of the way 3DMM handles sounds, I had to keep watching this from the beginning over and over again to keep everything in sync. That was about as fun as it sounds.

I forgot to mention in the credits, the high quality audio import was done with PyQ. I can always upload a version with the "classic" audio quality if anyone wants.

Music from: Super Ghostbusters
Additional 3DMM stuff downloaded from

Monday, 7 January 2019

I finally got Tonic Trouble Special Edition working properly!

So yeah, Tonic Trouble Special Edition now runs properly. Plus with the OEM patch (and save files working), I can play the whole game. So this means at some point, if I ever fix my uploading schedule, I can do a full Let's Play of this game. On a side note, I don't think I'll be having blogger host a clip again.

So, now for the part where I explain what I had to do. I downloaded a program called dgVoodoo and copied the DirectX dlls from the MS folder into the game's install folder (UbiSoft/Ed/). The fancy effects like anialising can be activated in the dgVoodoo control panel. Remember to add the install folder first, overwise you'll just be editing the default config file.

Before starting the game, you should take a look at the setup program to set up the graphics settings. I've never had any luck with any resolution other than 800x600 with this game, but it seems I can get dgVoodoo to get it to run in 720p and even 1080p.

As for the OEM patch, a Google search for the filename (tt_castlepatch.exe) brought me to a UbiSoft support page where I found out they still host the file. After letting that extract itself, open the program it placed in the game data folder (Ubisoft/Ed/GameData). There's also a 3D sound card patch you can get off of The Patch Scrolls. You just need to place the files in the game's dll folder (Ubisoft/Ed/dll).

While I don't know if it helped, I also followed a post that said that they also turn on compatibility mode (Windows XP SP3) for all of the programs in the game folder (Ubisoft/Ed) and the disc itself. Also, the game will need to run in administrator mode. To be fair, this is from that era where security was a lot more relaxed on PCs.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Let's Play: Doom 2: Head 2 Head Xmas

Watch here.

In this Christmas video, Santa must kill the demons because of reasons.

Note: In this video I was wrong (big surprise), the was has 32 levels.

So yeah, this is pretty much the last video of 2018. Man, I did a really bad job at uploading stuff this year. Maybe 2019 might turn out to be a better year?

Doom II wad: H2H-Xmas

Featured videos music:
Rise of the Triad - God Rest Ye Deadly Gentlemen

Soundfont: Arachno

Let's Play: Silver Part 3

Watch here.

In this part, I fight more imps, that wizard continues to refuse to help and I have to fight an incubus... allegedly.

Let's Play: Futurama the Game Part 17

Watch here.

In this part, I have to do even more of those memory puzzles, I still haven't looked up how to deal with the exploding guys and a boss... thing happens.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Let's Play: Futurama the Game Part 16

Watch here.

In this part, I realise I made a bad choice in console games to play, the skeleton pun well continues to be bone dry and I struggle to figure out why I can't punch a thing made of lava.

Man, 2018 is nearly over and I've only uploaded 67 videos. Maybe next year will be better?

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Let's Play: Spelunky

Watch here.

In this video, I play something I've had in my Steam library for a little while... What do you mean it's been 5 years?