Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Place Town

Since this is a blog I might as well blog about something other than updates on my videos... so here's something about that place from my second Minecraft video. Before I start I have to say that this texture pack is Shadoku's RPG by Shadounnet.

Edit: Can you believe that not too long after I post this version 1.3 comes out. Good timing too since now I can't use Shadoku's RPG until it gets updated.
(Warning: there are a lot of pictures in this post.)

 Here's the obligatory high up view of the place.

 Here's the tree house you're supposed to spawn in... for some reason you spawn on it instead.
 Here's the Epic Tree™... I can't seem to remember why I made it.

Here's a view of the outside of cat_pizza's house...

 ...and here's the inside. Note the diamond table and the fact he has five cakes, that's half of ten cakes... and that's terrible.

 Here's the public storage. We keep stuff here.

 Here's the inside if you really wanted to see it.

 Here's my house, note the obsidian walls.

 Here's inside my house and as you can see it's full of diamonds and gold... and books.

 Here's my mine which you briefly see in the video.

 Here's the second most expensive hospital.

Here's the first floor of the hospital.

Here's the food dispensers... now that I think about it this is more of a restaurant then a hospital.

Here's the second floor and as you can see it's changed since the video since it now has beds... then shortly after we found out Notch is going to add beds to Minecraft.

cat_pizza's farm... that is all.

 Here's the Evil Fortress of Doom™.

 Here's the first floor. I can't think of anything to put in it.

 Here's the hell portal.

 Here's the second floor. Same as the first I can't think of what to add but strangely enough I can't remember why I wanted to use Soul Sand since I hate that stuff.

 Here's the cannon. Not loaded.

 Here's a view of the lighthouse.

Here's the dock... quickly made as I'm sure you can tell.

cat_pizza's mine entrance.

Here's a lava heated hot tub... like all good mines have... you know, to wash off after that long hard days work in the mines.

Here's cat_pizza doing something.

Here's something cat_pizza made... I need to ask him about what he's doing more often.

Well that's it so far if you have any suggestions on what I could make just leave a comment and I'll read it... eventually.

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