Monday, 26 September 2011

Let's Play More My Little Pony Games!

Watch here.

In this I play some more awesome games by some more rather creative Bronies. Also judging from the My Videos & Playlists page this video is the 100th video on my channel... go me.

Now unless if I find a lot more short games (enough to do multiple parts) this will likely be the last time I play My Little Pony fan games this way (using Adventures in Ponyville as a transaction between games). You can look forward to Let's Plays of the bigger games when they come out, like My Little Investigations, Spike's Quest, any of those 3D ones I keep seeing or even *gulp* a (SFW) Date Sim if anyone asks me to play one... and tells me how to play these.

Games used (in no real order):

Adventures in Ponyville
Derpy Delivery
Super Filly Adventure
Story of the Blanks
Iron Pony Challenge
Runaway Pony - MLP:FiM Based

More pony after the page break!

Surprise! Desktop Ponies! Also enjoy these!