Thursday, 12 January 2012

Project Pony 3: Episode 4

Watch here.

In this "thrilling" conclusion I play Scootaloo related games, collect cupcakes and get a Cutie Mark!

So here we are again, I've got my Cuite Mark again. But this time I'm out of pony types to play so I'm done with playing Adventures in Ponyville. While I will still do pony games, I'm going to play them independently of each other and hopefully I can also do the bigger ones that are in development.

Personal Favourite: Pony Platformer Game: Xmas Special


Adventures in Ponyville

Catch the Scootaloos

Cupcake Dreams

Pony Platformer Game: Xmas Special

Scootaloo's Scooter Scooting

Equestria Daily: The Game

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