Saturday, 10 May 2014

Let's Play Mini: Wild Metal Country

Watch here.

In this video I play a game I got free with a PI attempt to attack the Helechopter some more and Camtasia corrupts the second half the recording.

It seems whenever I attempt an old game that I can't stick into DOSBox, get a patch for, use with ScummVM or get off of GOG, I have some sort of problem that comes up. For example, with Deer Avenger 3D, not only was there the cursor problem, there was also a problem with Camtasia handling the recorded file because of how big it was. Now before anyone says that I should have used a different program, Camtasia uses a special format that only it can use (also, Fraps doesn't record VirtualBox). As for Necrodome, I had to use my older PC with a bad monitor and in an area where I can't guarantee no background noise. So this might mark the end of old games I can't run straight off my computer. It really is a shame as I've wanted to make a Wild Metal Country video for quite some time.

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