Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Reuploaded videos

Because of copyright notices, I've decided it was probably good idea to reupload these videos with the 'offending' part removed. As for what I did to get around this problem, I'm getting to that! (after the break)

In Mo' Ponies I replaced the bad attempt at the modded Mario game with a better attempt and with the music muted. I also removed the bloody awful attempt at Trixie's Castle and gave the video a thumbnail so it's more in line with the newer episodes/

As for Bully, I fast forwarded through the lesson that apparently used licenced music. The reason it took me so long to do this is because I'm an idiot who refused to admit YouTube wasn't to blame. As for why I even bothered with this video, it's because the notice makes it less viewable and this would be that only part some people could not see.

Unfortunately, due to other episodes apparently having a video wide notices from Hasbro, there's not a whole lot I can do about those ones. The same also applies to the Telltale Games videos that got notices because of the footage they use in trailers.
Mo' Ponies 10
Let's Play: Bully: Scholarship Edition Part 5

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