Sunday, 4 October 2015

Let's Play: Constructor: Street Wars Part 4

Watch here.

In this part I return to Street Wars (also known as Mob Rule), whack a few dogs and show what happens to wise guys that build on my turf.

Also, yeah, that is indeed a new thumbnail. I guess I switched to this one as the Street Wars part was bigger and thus clearer when seen on YouTube. Also, you may have noticed I've started editing the video more. This is something I should have done from the start and I especially should have done this with my Constructor video from way back.

Why bring back Street Wars when I could have brought back Sam & Max or Black & White? Because this game probably doesn't have anywhere near as much coverage. Plus, Telltale have been claiming random parts of my Let's Plays of their games. Yeah, I also remember when they used to be cool.

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